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Israeli start-ups can be a source of entrepreneurial inspiration, Buenos Aires city fathers believe


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An Argentine municipality hosted a conference with Israel as its model for start-up development.

On Tuesday, the Israeli flag was flying over the Vicente Lopez district for a conference titled “Start-up Nation: Israel as a paradigm of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

The municipality, with a population of some 271,000, is located about 12 miles north of Buenos Aires City and is part of the Buenos Aires province.

More than 60 businesspeople heard from a panel of Argentine and Israelis presenters about Israel’s model to develop start-ups.

“The Israeli model has a lot to bring to our society, the panel was inspiring for our entrepreneurs and we want to improve the institutional links with Israel,” Eduardo Vinales, general director of economic development for Vicente Lopez, told JTA. “After this success, we want to continue showing here the Israeli model in order to transfer to Vicente Lopez Israeli methodologies and experiences.

“Argentinians and Israelis share a basic personality trait, which is the ability to challenge the limits and think we are capable of achieving great things without fear of failure,” he said.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is openly boosting ties with Israel, strengthening a relationship that has largely grown outside of the public spotlight over the past two decades.

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Tough bills expected to be combined with PM’s softer version later; Netanyahu slams Livni’s ‘flaccid’ stance on nation-state bill during cabinet debate.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday approved a controversial bill to enshrine into Israeli law the status of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

The bill that passed was a combination of two bills, one proposed by Knesset members Ayelet Shaked and Yariv Levin, and the other by MK Zeev Elkin. The bill, which includes tough wording that both Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Yesh Atid ministers oppose, will be incorporated into another version Netanyahu plans to present later this week.

Fourteen ministers supported the bills in Sunday’s vote and six opposed them (the five Yesh Atid ministers and Livni.)

The wording of the proposed law will be based on 14 principles that the prime minister formulated to enshrine Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people and determine that all of its citizens will have equal personal rights.

The ministers, however, were not asked to vote on Netanyahu’s version at Sunday’s meeting. Instead, they voted on a deal in which they supported the extreme versions of the bills proposed by Elkin, Levin and Shaked, who will withdraw their bills after they are passed in a preliminary reading in the Knesset and back Netanyahu’s “softened” version.

The ministers’ commitment to backing Netanyahu’s bill is a condition for it to be presented to the coalition on Sunday, and Shaked and Elkin both said Saturday that they accept Netanyahu’s principles.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett lauded the bill, saying it would rescue south Tel Aviv from “infiltrators.”

“The next time a law meant to stop infiltrators is brought to the High Court of Justice, the court will also have to consider that Israel is the ‘nation-state of the Jewish people’ and not just ‘human dignity and freedom.’ This is an important message for the residents of south Tel Aviv and for the entire country.”

Coalition chairman Yariv Levin, who proposed one of the bills, said, “Today we took a step of historic significance to return Israel to its Zionist roots, after years of ongoing damage done by the justice system to the principles on which the state was founded.”

Levin lashed out at Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, calling his instruction to fellow Yesh Atid ministers to vote against the bill because it harms Israel’s democracy a “bad joke at the expense of the future of Israel.”

Meretz chairwoman Zahava Gal-On said that Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition partners are committing a “crime against Israeli democracy, and will be responsible for one of the blackest stains on Israeli law.”

Gal-On said that even Netanyahu’s tamer version of the bill undermines the principle of equality and turns Israel’s Arab population into second-class citizens.

‘A flaccid stance doesn’t serve the current reality’

During the meeting, a heated debate erupted as Netanyahu called Livni “flaccid” for her stance on the controversial issue.

“We wouldn’t be here if Livni had conducted herself differently. A flaccid stance doesn’t serve the current reality,” Netanyahu reportedly told Livni during the deliberation.

Netanyahu was referring to Livni’s announcement over the weekend that she would only support a softened version of the bill that the prime minister was expected to present in the coming weeks.

Livni, who just last week proposed a toned-down version of the bill, is expected to vote for Netanyahu’s version if it is based on the principles that have been made public, because, according to her inner circle, the principles in Livni’s version of the bill are contained in Netanyahu’s.

Livni’s version of the bill says the state will maintain “equality for all its citizens.” Her support for Netanyahu’s version, which does not expressly contain the word “equality,” is based on the opinion of the Justice Ministry that Netanyahu’s version contains the spirit of equality.

After Netanyahu assailed her, Livni shot back, “If all this nonsense is just to get back at me, then you won. Now let’s discuss the essence [of the bill] before you all ruin the country.”

“You want us to vote against it so that you’ll be able to fire us,” Livni said to Netanyahu. “Your speech this morning, with its niceties about the Declaration of Independence and [Ze'ev] Jabotinsky and equality, doesn’t disguise Elkin’s bill, which bears no resemblance to your words. … Is the nation-state bill a cover for a political exercise? If not, then agree to postpone the discussion on Wednesday and have a real discussion with us about content before you ruin the country.”

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Netanyahu’s ‘nation-state’ bill undermines the notion that Israel’s Arab population is entitled to collective rights, not just individual ones.


The State of Israel, said the Declaration of Independence, will “be based on the principles of liberty, justice and freedom expressed by the prophets of Israel; it will affirm complete social and political equality for all its citizens, regardless of religion, race, or gender.” However, the clauses used as the basis for the Basic Law: Nation State, to be presented Sunday by the prime minister to the cabinet, include a statement that seems to be borrowed from the declaration, but veers from it in essence. The State of Israel, it says, is a democratic state “based on the principles of liberty, justice and peace expressed by the prophets of Israel, and affirms the personal rights of all its citizens according to any law.”

The principles of liberty, justice and peace expressed by the prophets of Israel remain, but complete social and political equality, which, it should be noted, never came to fruition, has been replaced by personal rights of all citizens “according to any law.” The wording is vague, limiting personal rights to “according to any law,” and renders the clause effectively useless when the “law” itself is discriminatory. Moreover, personal rights don’t include collective rights, like the right to language and culture.

According to the bill, the state “would allow every resident” to preserve his or her culture and language, but that wording sheds the state’s responsibility to do so – a responsibility recognized in court rulings that required the state to set up bilingual signage in mixed cities, to provide adequate funding for Muslim religious institutions and more. From now, according to the bill, only Jews would enjoy collective rights, and Arab would make do with personal rights alone.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni joined the fray, as Jonathan Lis reported last week, with a pacifying opinion supplied by the ministry: The Netanyahu bill, according to the opinion, includes several points that imply equality is inherent in its principles. It says Israel is a democracy, and that equality is a human right at the heart of democratic rule; and it safeguards the “individual” rights of all Israeli citizens. But, as noted above, the protection of “individual” rights is done in the vague wording “according to any law.”

As to the declaration of democracy, equal citizenship is indeed a basic component of democracy, but the whole bill is based on undermining equal citizenship by equating the state with only part of its citizenry. The right to self-determination in the state, according to the bill, is limited to Jews. Others only have personal rights “according to any law.” Most of the principles in the bill, relating to heritage, symbols, holidays, and the role Hebrew law plays in legislation, equate the state with only one group.

Jurists in the Justice Ministry, like those who gave Livni the opinion, and also Supreme Court justices, may keep repeating that equality is a product of democracy and of personal rights for all citizens. Let’s not forget that the Supreme Court itself ruled that harming equality may harm human dignity and liberty, and so it includes the right to equality in the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, even though it doesn’t explicitly appear there.

But this judicial recognition is not anchored in a basic law. The poignant question is why can’t Israel’s basic laws expressly recognize equality as a right and fundamental value of the state in the same way that it is recognized in the Declaration of Independence?

Things must be spelled out explicitly then: There is no equality in Israel, and equality cannot be recognized on the constitutional level, since that would challenge the inequality created by the complete identification of the state with only one group. Today, no one urges the country’s Arab citizens to participate in building the state and its institutions based on “complete and equal citizenship” that appears in the Declaration of Independence.

Complete constitutional equality would also undermine the inequality between men and women, which is maintained by the fact that marriage and divorce in Israel are controlled by a religious system that prohibits women from being judges and that doesn’t consider both sexes equal before the law. Even if the High Court of Justice occasionally fills the void that is the absence of equality from our Basic Laws, that void speaks volumes about the inequality underlying the Israeli regime. And this is before even addressing the inequality between Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank, where the two populations are subjected to two completely different legal systems.

In contemporary international law, it customary to talk about “external” self-determination, meaning the right of nations living under foreign rule to independence, and “internal” self-determination, or the notion that states represent multiple populations. The declaration in the proposed law that “the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel is exclusive to the Jewish people” undermines the notion that a large national minority in Israel is also entitled to representation and not just “individual” rights. In that respect, the proposal is a step toward greater discrimination against the country’s Arab population, or perhaps toward Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s plan – to remove that population from within the country’s borders.

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Nobody was hurt in the incident, but racist graffiti was sprayed in the area and a building was heavily damaged.


Palestinians reported Sunday that settlers attacked a home in the West Bank village of Khirbat Abu Fallah, setting it on fire and spraying racist graffiti including ‘Death to the Arabs’ on the walls.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, but a building was heavily damaged, according to the report.

The Civil Administration sent representatives to the village, north of Ramallah, to investigate.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian who monitors settler activities in the northern West Bank, said that several family members were at home when firebombs were thrown at their building, sparking flames. “Luckily, the women were able to wake up and leave the house and call neighbors for help,” said Daghlas. “The residents managed to control the fire but the house was heavily damaged.

Daghlas said it was clear that the attack has been carried out by Israelis because the accompanying graffiti was written in Hebrew.

On Thursday night, four girls from the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar were arrested in Jerusalem on suspicion of spraying Arabs in the capital with tear gas.

In the first incident, a Palestinian taxi driver reported that he had been attacked on King George Street by four girls, who fled on foot. Shortly after, another Palestinian reported a similar attack.

The arrests come after a spate of terror attacks in the capital, including one last Tuesday at a synagogue in Har Nof, that killed four worshipers and a policeman.

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Palestinian boy demolished home

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Jerusalem Post

Four young women from the Yitzhar settlement were arrested in Jerusalem on Thursday on suspicion that they attacked two different Arab taxi drivers with tear gas.

An Arab taxi driver told police that he was attacked with tear gas by four Jewish girls on King George Street in the capital, saying that the incident was nationalistically motivated. The driver did not require medical treatment after the attack.

An additional Arab taxi driver later reported being attacked with tear gas by four young women in the city center as well.

Police carrying out searches for the suspects located and detained four young women from Yitzhar on the Ben Yehuda promenade in the capital.

Police also found tear gas among the suspect’s possessions. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court released the suspects on Friday on  condition that they would not come to Jerusalem for 15 days. They were also ordered to deposit 500 NIS each with the court.

Elsewhere in the capital on Thursday night, Arab youths threw stones toward Border Police officers in the Jabel Mukabar neighborhood.

The security forces dispersed the youths and no injuries were reported, according to police.